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GRID Ranking 2021 Launch 4/4/2021

The fifth season of the annual GRID Ranking will kick off on the first Sunday of April! The annual GRID Ranking ranks the top five rated drivers from Formula 1, Formula E, IndyCar, MotoGP, NASCAR Cup Series, Australian Supercars, and World Rally Championship.


In the end, one of the top 35 drivers is crowned the GRID Ranking World Champion! The 2020 season was the most competitive with the most lead changes and a shocking end which saw Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton take the championship!


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GRID W.M.L. 2021 Launch 3/1/2021

The 2021 GRID World Motorsport League will be released on March 1, 2021. The WML is entering the third season and will include the W Series in the 2021 standing.

Some significant changes to the WML include reducing the minimum starts from 5 to 3 starts, required across any of our scoring series. Tuesday we will crown our "Performer of the Weekend" & every Wednesday we'll post a classic race from the GRID World Motorsport League Video Vault for everyone to enjoy, more details to follow on this in January.