Founding of GRID

The debate of who is the best racer in the world has been around since the first auto race. The debate has never been clearly answered because of the different disciplines, each automobile and race brings. Some tracks require handling a car along a long banked corner. Some, maneuver the tight, twisty turns around a famous city. Some vehicles have two wheels, some race on dirt, and don't log laps.

Global Racing Index Database (GRID) brings the question, how do we determine who is the best racer in the world?

It starts with ranking each racer within their respective series, and bringing it all together in a world wide ranking system. Once the season ends, a new champion is crowned, the GRID World Champion.


GRID Ranking

Each year, the GRID follows the top seven premier racing series. The racing series are Formula 1, Formula E, IndyCar, MotoGP, NASCAR, SuperCars, and World Rally Championship. Each series is rated based on the GRID's scoring system, based on points given by the FIA standing, and bonus points for performance.

The first Sunday of April, the GRID Ranking is released. The top five from each series is entered into the GRID Ranking. The ranking looks at more factors such as size of the field, strength of schedule, competition, and more. Points are earned or lost by each race completed. A simple way to stay on top, is to dominate, and win.

GRID World Motorsport League

The GRID World Motorsport League (WML) takes all major racing series and places them in the league to crown the true world champion. The WML follows over 20 different series, from F1, endurance races, stock cars, and everything in between.

All championship scoring races count and drivers that compete in different racing series are eligible for scoring. All drivers are scored after five championship races have been completed. A minimum of three races has to be completed to be scored.