GRID Ranking

Since 2017, the GRID Ranking has been annually ranking the top drivers worldwide to crown one driver as the best in the world, the GRID Ranking World Championship. The 2021 GRID Ranking will be the fifth consecutive season of the GRID Ranking and third to feature seven series in the GRID Ranking and starts on the first Sunday of April, April 4, 2021!

The Seven Series

The GRID Ranking follows seven of the top series worldwide, covering seven different motorsport disciplines. The seven series are categorized in the following manner: 

  • American Open-Wheel

  • American Stock Car

  • Electric Automobile

  • International Open-Wheel

  • Motorcycle

  • International Touring or Stock Car 

  • Rally Car

Since the first season of the GRID Ranking, Formula 1, Formula E, IndyCar, MotoGP, NASCAR Cup Series, and Australian Supercars have been part of the GRID Ranking. In 2019, the FIA World Rally Championship was added to the GRID Ranking. 


How The GRID Ranking Works

The GRID Ranking is an objective approach to a subjective question, who is the best driver in the world? 

Different disciplines, different schedule lengths, and championship point scoring systems make the question hard to clearly say that one driver is the best in the world. 

However, since 2017 we have been scoring each race from the seven series to answer the question annually and award the GRID Ranking World Championship. To do this, the GRID scores each race individually, looking at race performance and finishing position. 

Drivers are scored for each race and then rated in their respective series. Drivers are scored based on the largest rating to the smallest rating. Then, the top five drivers of each series rating advance to the GRID Ranking.

The GRID Ranking has a formula that takes drivers score, adjust for each series field size, schedule length, and strength in competition. Once all factors have been generated to produce a score, the GRID Ranking uses that score. The score may increase or decrease depending on the driver's performance.

Once all seven series have completed their season, the GRID Ranking is finalized, and the driver with the highest score is the GRID Ranking World Champion. There have been three different champions from three different disciplines in the four years of the GRID Ranking. Click on the "History" link to see the past seasons of the GRID Ranking!