Welcoming Everyone

The GRID, GRID Network, GRID Ranking, and GRID World Motorsport League's mission is to share the love of racing with everyone. Motorsport is a beautiful sport that brings together the brightest minds in engineering, athletes pushing themselves in a competitive environment, and pushing automotive technology limits to benefit the public. 


It is the only sport where behind the helmet, any person of any race, gender, and sexual orientation can compete against each other on equal grounds. Motorsport is a universal concept and should be a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to participate locally or professionally. That is why we take our role seriously when presenting motorsports in an inclusive and welcoming manner to a diverse audience. 


One of the most significant barriers in motorsport is the lack of accessibility to young audiences. Any child can play basketball or futbal at their neighborhood park, but motorsport is more limited and presents the highest costs to enter than traditional stick and ball sports. These barriers are still present at professional levels as sponsorship is critical in the success and advancement of a racer's career.


Part of our mission is to support initiatives to introduce motorsport to new diverse audiences, promote equity in motorsport, and present a platform for underrepresented groups. This includes our program "The Women Racing to Win" every Thursday with our friends at "Racers: The Girls Behind the Helmet" and extensive coverage of the W Series. Our news focuses on reporting on stories on how we can be a better community that is more inclusive to everyone.


Together, we all can make motorsport a genuinely wonderful experience for everyone curious about entering. 


- Joe Samaniego

   Founder of GRID