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F1: The Future is Now

The Ferrari team around Charles Leclerc car during pre-race ceremonies.

Charles Leclerc win at the Italian Grand Prix may have a ripple effect across the F1 paddock. This is a wake up call to teams and drivers, the future is now, not two seasons from now, three, or five seasons. Now is the time to position yourself to challenge Ferrari because Charles Leclerc is leading Ferrari to 2020 and beyond.

When you look at the young racers in F1 besides Charles Leclarc, Max Verstappen with Red Bull, Lando Norris with McLaren, and many looking to “someday” race for a championship caliber team. However, the time to race two or three seasons with a back marker or midfield team is not going to position yourself with a top team. After today, Mercedes is thinking about who will challenge Charles Leclerc next season 2021, and beyond.

Look for Mercedes 2021 to call up a racer to take over Valteri Botas seat and don’t be surprised if Lewis is overlooked for a younger driver by 2022. 2020 is the final season in Sebastian Vettel current contract, Ferrari could look for a younger driver rather than experience veteran to team up with Charles. Red Bull has to continue to improve to ensure Max Verstappen sticks around, 2020 could be a make or break year for Max as to stay with Red Bull or look at another team.

McLaren and Renault are both battling for fourth in the constructor championship, and both of them have a young driver ready to lead the team with Lando Norris in McLaren and Estaban Ocon joining Renault in 2020. Both teams have the resources to become a championship contender, but failure to do so may result in either driver leaving their team for Mercedes or Ferrari.

The 2021 silly season will be very critical for teams and drivers to find themselves ready to bring the fight to Ferrari. Charles Leclerc and Ferrari are ahead of the competition in 2020 and beyond.

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