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Formula E Zone & GRID Network #FormulaEfest 2020!

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For the first time ever a major motorsports series has decided the championship at one location, with 3 different course layouts, 6 races, in 9 days! This is #FormulaEfest !

Join Formula E Zone and GRID Network for a special week of programing starting Tuesday with a preview of the week ahead, as the Formula E season holds this mega week long event!

Follow everything using the #FormulaEfest and be sure to tune in to both Formula E Zone and GRID Network on YouTube. Also download the "FormulaEfest Pick A Winner PDF to participate in our PICK A WINNER game!

Download the scorecard in the link above, select who you think will win each race, second, and third place. Each correct guess is 1 point, be sure to share your picks with us on Twitter!

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