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GRID Ranking World Championship Scenarios

#MotoGP Marc Marquez vs #VASC Scott McLaughlin

2019 GRID Ranking World Championship is Scott McLaughlin vs. Marc Marquez

Scott McLaughlin had a conservative weekend to wrap up the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. Now with two races left at Newcastle, Scott has the advantage over Marc Marquez towards claiming his first championship, but Scott cannot let his guard down and allow Marc the opportunity. Here is the championship scenario for each racer!

Valencia MotoGP Season Finale November 17

All eyes will be on the MotoGP race as Marc Marquez has to perform to earn a good score and close in on Scott. Marc enters the race weekend with a total of 19.85 points, only 0.34 points behind Scott McLaughlin, the closest he’s been to Scott in the GRID Ranking all season. As long as Marc Marquez wins the race, no matter where he starts, he’ll earn points and not lose ground to Scott. He could leave as little as 20.01 points, or as much as 20.43 points, and might break the streak of consecutive weekends Scott has led the GRID Ranking. However, anything lower than second place and Marc lose valuable points, a poor race weekend and Marc could leave with as little as 18.80 points. The big key is to run up front, if possible dominate, and win to have a shot at his second GRID Ranking World Championship.

Newcastle 500 Supercars Season Finale November 23 & 24

Come the Newcastle 500 we will know what Marc Marquez scored and what Scott needs to do. Here we will break down from the easiest route to the championship, to the most challenging routes. The easiest route is if Marc Marquez only has 18.80 points, Scott McLaughlin will win the GRID Ranking World Championship before Newcaslte weekend. In fact, if Marc scores anywhere below 18.89, Scott is the GRID Ranking World Champion.

That is the easiest route, Now the hardest route if Marc Marquez scores a perfect weekend and has 20.43 points, trailing by 0.24 points. In this scenario, Scott McLaughlin has to win both races to reclaim the GRID Ranking lead and win the world championship.

If Marc Marquez has 19.XX points come Newcastle weekend, Scott needs to stay ahead of Marc Marquez and depending on Marquez’s points, Scott can finish as low as 9th in both races and maintain his points in the 19 point range. With two races that weekend Scott can secure one race win and a 7th place finish to stay above the 20 point range. This scenario will be updated after the final MotoGP race.

The GRID Ranking season has seen Scott McLaughlin lead every weekend, Marc Marquez has caught up to challenge Scott for the GRID Ranking World Championship. This year's champion will be historic in many ways. To start, whomever wins the championship will be the highest scoring GRID Ranking World Champion. Martin Truex Jr. won with 17.20 points, and Marc Marquez with 17.65 points. This year the champion will score anywhere between 18.95 to possibly 21 point range.

Historic Championship

Marc Marquez is trying to be the first race to win the GRID Ranking World Championship two times in a row, and be the first racer to win the world championship more than once. Scott McLaughlin could be the first racer to win the championship and lead the GRID Ranking every weekend, smashing the previous record set Sebastien Bourdais in 2017. Either champion will be a historic, and a well earned champion.

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