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New GRID Logo

The Global Championship

The Global Racing Index Database (GRID) is excited to announces hours before the release of the first GRID Ranking of 2019, a new logo for the GRID organization. GRID is the home of the GRID Ranking, scoring the best drivers around the world, and determining who is the greatest driver each year with the GRID Ranking World Championship. The third season is shaping up to be even more exciting with the addition of the FIA World Rally Championship, expanding media presence, and a growing audience around the world.

The new logo captures the spirit of the GRID, auto racing, and the importance of victory. The GRID flag and checker flag are the center of the compass, the compass has eight points, and each point represent one of the seven series involved, and one representing the GRID. With the name face around the compass, fans can instantly recognize the organization, and know there at the home of the GRID Ranking.

The GRID Ranking will be posted today, following the conclusion of the NASCAR Food City 500 race out of Bristol.

New GRID logo
New GRID logo

GRID is the global championship for the best racers around the world!

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