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Pick A Winner: 2018/2019 Formula E Season

The 7 races winners this season
The Formula E Winners

The ABB Formula E series has seen at least five different winners each season. The most wins in a season occurred in the inaugural season of Formula E, seven different winners. This season, there is the potential of eight different winners, maybe more, but how does this effect Formula E racer in the GRID Ranking?

Currently, the highest Formula E racer in the 19th, Jerome D’Ambrosio with 11.19 points, compared to 10th place Valentino Rossi, with 15.25 points. The GRID Ranking rewards dominate racers in tough series. In the past, Lucas di Grassi, and Jean-Eric Vergne both had multiple wins, consistent race performances, and ended the season in the top 10. But this season, no racer has managed to step ahead in a very tough field to win.

If one of the seven drivers with a win, should win this weekend, this will help them separate themselves with the field, and should climb spots in the GRID Ranking. Some of the factors that can add or subtract points will be home many cars finished, how many on the lead lap, and more. An eighth different winner will likely see some of the racers in the GRID Ranking lose ground to the other series, but some racers will still earn some points, just not the big points available.

As competitive as this season has been, the point value for each race is increasing for whoever is the first driver to earn a second win this season. If a racer could win the second race this season, and more wins, you could still see an Formula E racer in the top 10. #ABBFormulaE #FormulaE

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