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Week 2 GRID Ranking Preview

History was made as Scott McLaughlin from the Supercars Series took the GRID Ranking lead for week 1. This is the first time a Supercars' racer has ever led the GRID Ranking.

The main reason why Scott has the GRID Ranking is because of his six race wins. He is three wins away from matching his win total last season, Team Penske is riding high across three series, and there's no reason why Scott cannot end the weekend with two more wins and the GRID Ranking lead.

If Scott sweeps all weekend, or finishes no worse than 4th in both races, he will stay ahead of six of the top seven racers in the GRID Ranking. The one big exception, is NASCAR racer Kyle Busch. If Kyle Busch wins the race, there is a good chance he will surpass Scott for the GRID Ranking lead, because of the strength of competition advantage NASCAR has.

NASCAR has a larger field, 7 former champions racing, and this weekend will be in Richmond a short track. The short tracks present an opportunity for driver that may not exceed in the mile and half for a surprise win in the chaos the tracks bring. Kyle Busch three wins, 100% top 10 finishes, and 6 finishes in the top 5 alone has put him well ahead of the NASCAR field.

However, if the field is smaller than 37, this would mean fewer points for the win, so finishing second place may not be enough for the lead if Scott was to sweep Phillip Island. If Kyle Busch was to finish outside the top 10 Saturday at Richmond, that opens the door for IndyCar racer Josef Newgarden to surpass Kyle with a win.

The remaining MotoGP and F1 racers in the top 7 are still early enough in their respective season before climbing the GRID Ranking, so it's too early to see how they'll shape out. Key Racers to Watch:

  • Scott McLaughlin Qualifying. A pole or top three starting position is key for Scott to win. He won both races last season from the pole, another pole, and expect him to stay out front.

  • Kyle Bush Top 10 Finish. Kyle swept both races at Richmond last year, including this race from the 32nd starting position, earning him more GRID Ranking points. Kyle is definitely a starter on your Fantasy NASCAR team.

  • Control of F1. Both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton have won a race, Bottas has a 1 point lead, that bonus point coming from the Fast Lap at Australia. Both drivers will be really pushing hard to finish ahead, especially if Ferrari brings the speed like last week, and snatch a win from the Mercedes.

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