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Week 3 GRID Ranking What to Watch

Next week, four of the seven series are running, the first weekend where we see about half of the GRID Ranking racers not running. For our new fans, the GRID Ranking is based off a racer’s performance at each event. So coming into a race weekend, depending on the racer’s weekend, points could be earned, or lost. For a racer not racing that weekend, points stay the same. That means Virgin Australian Supercars (VASC) racer Scott McLaughlin will keep his 23.68 until the next event in two weeks.

The question now, can Kyle Busch, running next weekend pass Scott in the standing? Kyle Busch has 21.76 points coming into the race weekend at Talladega Super Speedway, one of NASCAR’s most unpredictable races of the year. Despite the unpredictable nature of Talladega, one trend has lately been Ford’s dominance of the super speedway. The last time a non-ford driver won a NASCAR Cup race at Talladega, was Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in May of 2015!

The last time Kyle Busch won at Talladega was April 27, 2008. The stats don’t seem to favor Kyle Busch, but Talladega is so unpredictable Kyle may win it by dominating or luck. Either way, a win will catch Kyle Busch up to Scott McLaughlin, but by our calculations, he will be just short of passing the Kiwi Ace.

However, if Talladega strikes Kyle Busch with bad luck, Kyle can lose ground and lose points in the GRID Ranking, likely falling to third behind Josef Newgarden. Also, depending on how Lewis Hamilton in F1 does, he could potentially leap frog Alex Rins and Kyle Busch. So Kyle has a-lot on the line this weekend, and could close the gap on Scott, but looks like Scott McLaughlin will most likely lead the GRID Ranking week 3.

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