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The Art of Motorsports

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Motorsports are like no other sport in the world. While the different disciplines of racing may heavily influence different countries' perspectives of racing,

the main principles are the same universally.

The aerodynamics and engineers spend countless hours shaving half a second every year looking to go faster. The head of the pit box which directs the race team, build-up of individuals, to work in harmony to put themselves in a position to win. The racer, who grew up wanting to win each race, and now the one person everyone on that team looks to bring the best result for the hard work of everyone in the garage.

There is no other occupation where so many people sacrifice, time, resources, and put all their hopes on one person. One person carries the weight of the team, each team member's individual story and the livelihood of everyone so dependent on one person. Add in sponsors who are willing to find an excuse when times start to look bad, and the younger racer looking for an opportunity to step in your seat, because the racing driver is a coveted occupation, so few have the privilege to do it on a professional level.

Some racers come and go, only remembered in the records books, and a few add their names to the history book to be revered. However, some become legends and showcase the art of motorsports.

The racing driver is one person that brings together so many people across the globe to organize and put a team together to compete. The car the racer climbs is a culmination of all the work that has gone into giving the racer the best opportunity to win. Man, and machine together as one, creating moments on the track that will live forever, inspire many across the globe, and for a few, never forgotten.

Nothing else like this exists.

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